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ZEALOT"It must be done" 这是须要的
"None can withstand the Templar" 没有人能抵挡圣堂武士
"Our fury is bondless" 我们的怒火无边无际
"My meditation is over" 我的冥想结束了
"We stand as one" 我们行如一体
"Command me" 指挥我
"Honor guide me" 荣誉指引我
"Our enemies must be eradicated" 我们的敌人必须被消灭
"Khas de Templari" (Protoss语)
"My life for Aiur" 我的生命为了Aiur
"En taro Tassader" Protoss语:以Tassader的名义!
"I am Templar, I am the sword of Truth" 我是圣堂武士,我是真理之剑!
"Justice be done" 实施正义
"We are the blades of Aiur" 我们是Aiur之刃
"Victory is the only truth that matters" 胜利是唯一有意义的真理!
"None shall stand" 没人可以阻挡
"Our enemies have fallen" 我们的敌人倒下了
"By your will" 如你所愿
"For Artanis" 为了Artanis
"We strike as one" 我们打击如一体
"Blades of Justice" 正义之刃
"Combat is the ?? of will" 战斗是意志的??(这里听不清楚)

"We cannot hold" 我们支撑不住了


"The enemy has broken" 敌人崩溃了
"Woe to our enemies" 将悲伤带给敌人
"I have known only an eternity of war" 我只知道无尽的战争
"The battle is ours" 这场战斗属于我们
"We shall obey" 我们会屈从
"Our duty is unending" 我们的职责没有止尽
"These steel limbs are not my own" 这些制造四肢并非我所有
"I return to serve" 我返来,为了继续奉献
"My memory is not what it was" 我的记忆今非昔比
"We march to victory" 我们向胜利进军
"For the Ancients" 为了古老的一切
"Let darkness be parted" 让暗中散开!
"I am the wrath of the Khala" 我是Khala的恼怒
"En taro Adun" (Protoss语)以Adun的名义!
"Our cannons shall sing" 我们的炮火将歌唱
"The cycle is, unchanging" 循环,永不更改
"The enemy closes" 敌人接近了
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"We shall serve forever" 我们将永久服务
"I heed the call" 蒙召而来
"There shall be a reckoning" 会有整理的
"Glory is eternal" 荣誉是永恒的


"By the Void" 以虚空的名义
"We are intrigued" 我们感兴趣
"Fear is an illusion" 恐惧只是一种幻觉
"I will comply" 我会屈从
"We go unseen" 我们来去无踪
"You seek our service?" 你需要我们的服务?
"From the shadows I come" 我从阴影中来
"I bask in twilight" 我们沐浴在薄暮之中
"Clever..." 聪明。。
"The Darkness writhes..." 暗中蠕动着
"What would you ask of us?" 你需要我们做什么?

"Twilight falls upon us all" 薄暮降临在每一小我私家头上
"I strike from the shadows" 我从阴影中出击
"We shall obliterate them" 我们会扑灭他们
"We are the darkness" 我们就是暗中
"Thus I fade" 就如此,我销声匿迹
"By the shadows of Shakuras" 以Shakuras之影的名义
"My heart is colder than these steel limbs" 我的心比这钢铁四肢更加冰冷
"*snake hiss" (蛇吐信的声音)
"The Void claims its own" 归于虚空
"I am but a phantom" 我只是一个幽灵
"Darkness comes" 暗中降临
"We cannot be stopped" 我们不可阻挡

"I cannot maintain" 我无法支持了


"For Honor" 为了荣耀!
"Understood" 明白
"On the wings of Justice" 承着正义之翼
"Teleport successful" 传送成功
"The skies await" 天空等候着
"Warp field online" 扭曲立场,开放
"Where do our enemies lurk?" 我们的敌人潜伏在何处?
"Time for battle" 是战斗的时候了

"Our fury shall be unleashed" 我们的怒火将得到释放
"Warp field, overloading!" 扭曲立场,超载!
"We shall rise from the ashes" 我们将从灰烬中复生
"None shall escape!" 没有人能逃脱!
"I soar to victory" 我冲向胜利!
"Valor shall rise again" 勇气将重建
"Weapons primed"
"Duty is my shield" 责任是我的盾牌
"I long for skies of Aiur" 我企盼着Aiur的天空!

"They've broken through" 他们突破了防线


"Prismatic core online" 棱镜核开始运转
"We are at full power" 最大火力
"Khas Alushir'd" (Protoss语)
"Calibrating warp lenses 调校扭曲棱镜中
"Phase-crystals charged" 位面水晶冲能完毕
"This vessel shall avenge" 这艘战舰将复仇
"Channel the light of Aiur" 点亮Aiur的光芒!
"It shall be done" 会完成的
"?? commencing" ??开始

"For Aiur!"
"Our wills are aligned through the Holy Khala" 我们的意志通过神圣的Khala结合在一起
"Infinity burns around us" 无限在我们四周燃烧
"Lock beams and incinerate!" 光束集中,焚烧!
"Fire at will commander" 任意开火,指挥官
"Conflict must not be seen through the lenses of desperation" 不能通过焦虑的镜片去审视斗争
"The enemy has been purged" 敌人被净化了
'Prismatic beams aligning" 棱镜光束聚焦
"All paths are seen through the prism of fate" 命运的棱镜折射出所有的门路

"Prismatic core failing! We require assistance" 棱镜核失控,我们需要援助!







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